The Latest Resort in the Barona Valley!

Located in the valley of Santa Cruz, the Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino offers great sports & entertainment and spa services to its guests. Having once been the site of a Gold Rush camp for prospectors, the resort is now home to the classic Santa Cruz hotels that many visitors are familiar with. Now this historic hill-town is re-vitalized with modern amenities and excellent food & beverage services.

Enjoying the finest sports & entertainment with its superb restaurants and bars are just part of what is offered during business hours. When you stay at the Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino, you can also visit the world-renowned Beauty Studio, relax with massage treatments, and enjoy spa services that you can use at home. Barona Valley boasts the famous Pacific Park lake and the boutique-style Barona Square for an experience like no other.

The Barona Valley Mall, filled with shops and eating venues is also just steps away from the beautiful grounds of the Barona Valley Golf Course. You can also shop at the award-winning Santa Cruz Jewelers or the Barona Square for great purchases.

For all your interests, you can take advantage of the Barona Valley Farm Days, a convenient way to tour the land and show off the heritage buildings. Here, you can see the oldest horses and enjoy your lunchtime at a Farmer’s Market.

On the east coast of California, you can escape the traffic and culture of the west coast for a few days, and return to the refreshing sights and sounds of Baja California! What better way to get a taste of the great outdoors than to simply lounge on the beach or enjoy some beach activities? Take a ride on a ship and take in the whole scene, or takein an exciting show or enjoy some ice-skating!

If you want a more active day out, then there is the Barona Beach Pier where you can catch some live music, or make your way to the Marina Theater to see live theatre. You can also eat all the delicious beach food and take in the fun carnival events in the evenings.

Some people find themselves in the mood to watch the big game at the Barona Valley Casino but don’t forget that there is so much more to the Barona Valley. With an astounding variety of lodging options including historic cabins, luxury homes, apartments, motels, and private cottages, there is something to fit everyone’s needs. You can also choose from a wide range of cuisine, from casual diners to authentic Italian restaurants.

So no matter what type of traveler you are, whether it’s to kick back and enjoy the scenery of the Cascadia wilderness, or to the heart of the City of Angels, there is something for everyone at the Barona Valley Resort & Casino. Experience all that the Barona Valley has to offer!