Experience an Exotic and Exciting Barona Casino Buffet Menu at the Casino Center

If you are looking for a casino buffet menu to impress your guests then the Barona Casino Resort in Costa Rica is a perfect choice. Here you can enjoy an impressive menu that includes such popular treats as: – The most diverse selection of international and Latin American food in the Western Hemisphere! And don’t forget the best cocktails in the country!

Our Barona casino buffet menu takes you on an all over-the-board culinary tour with over 200 unique locations – ranging from the delicious American-Mexican fusion cuisine of the Casinos del Mar in San Miguel de Allende to the exotic flavors of China’s traditional Cantonese and Szechwan cuisines in the Laotian Laem Sed restaurant. Each venue showcases the best of both worlds – traditional American-style foods from around the world and delicious Chinese and Szechwan fare from across the Pacific Ocean.

As you travel through our Barona casino buffet menu, you will discover: – The finest selections of seafood from around the globe – The best American and Canadian steak, lamb, chicken and prime rib in the Western Hemisphere – Fresh ingredients sourced from all over the United States – A large variety of Asian dishes including Japanese, Korean, Indian and Chinese favorites, along with Spanish, Portuguese, Middle Eastern and Italian favorites! Our Barona casino buffet menu has it all. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else. So, get ready to enjoy a culinary vacation of a lifetime with our Barona casino buffet menu.

Take pleasure in the unique Caribbean flair of our Barona casino buffet menu and take advantage of the amazing dining facilities in the Casino Center. The buffet includes a full bar with bar stools, an open kitchen, wine refrigerator, a full bar line, and a wine cooler. There are special appetizers and cocktails for you to sample from the buffet menu that are made just for you. If you’re looking for something a little bit more elegant, consider ordering one of our gourmet appetizers, specialty burgers and cheeseburgers, signature sandwiches, scrumptious hot appetizers, decadent sandwiches and decadent salads.

If you’re looking for a little taste of something different, order one of our many special cocktails from the Barona casino buffet menu. Our selection includes everything from classic cocktails to unique cocktails inspired by all over the world, including: – The Caribbean Spiced Punch, The American Blend, The Tropical Punch, The Mexican-Inspired, Tropical Sparkling and The Lemon Shandy.

You can also enjoy the special drinks from our Barona casino buffet menu while dining at our Casinos del Mar Restaurant or Casino Center. Or have a fun time dining in the Lounge for a classy and comfortable meal at our Restaurant Bistro.